Andrew Thompson

Andrew is a photographer based out of Athens Ohio. At a very young age he would go on road trips with his family out west and this is what started his love for adventure and taking photos. Now you’ll probably find him at various music venues across the country taking photos for Slyvinyl, a resource for vinyl collectors where he covers live concerts as a photo team member. Andrew isn’t just limited to concerts and landscapes; he also does portraits, family, and wedding photography. His work has been featured across various social media platforms by,,, and Andrew also works with Thread Magazine out of Athens Ohio, which focuses on Athens culture and fashion where his photography has also been featured. He’s always looking to work with new people, whether it be taking photos for your band, company, family or wedding. Giving clients value is what Andrew believes in.



Instagram: @andrewthompsonportraits (wedding) @andrew.ryan.thomp (music&landscape)

Facebook: Andrew Thompson Photography